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  Clipped to save space! 

  It is simply unthinkable that he would dare to mention or play New Orleans 
  Traditional Jazz in Lincoln Center he is unqualified, at least in the eyes of 
  some.  Perhaps he should be replaced by Kenny G.  who would certainly open up 
  the avenues for Traditional Jazz by releasing a new CD entitled "Kenny & Louis 
  together Again".  :))

  Tom, you are setting up the proverbial strawman. I don't see anyone recommending Kenny G. over Marsalis!

  At that time Black Americans were less than 10% of the American Population, 
  and had little or no radio airplay of their RACE music.  So naturally when 
  White musicians in far greater numbers and establishments in which to play it 
  embraced it, it took off as a popular music genre and has grown and branched out 
  into many off shoot styles ever since.

  At THAT TIME, I'm not sure anyone was getting any "airtime", or even much opportunity to make recordings. Actually, Keppard had the chance to record before the ODJB (Good Lord...how could a recording company at that time even THINK of dealing with a negro musician?) but he decline....and not, I believe, for the generally stated reason.

  So I suppose one could surmise that if it had not been for a few brave White 
  musicians going into the Black juke joints and getting exposed to the sounds 
  we might never have seen Jazz grow.

  If you are talking of, say, 1910 to 1917, I don't think whites and other non-negroes, had to be "very brave" to venture into any establishment in Storyville. The whole place was a jumble of vice, music, and racial harmony.

  ODJB & Bix Simply DID NOT INVENT JAZZ and no matter how much some want it to be true it ain't. 

  Is there anybody who claims they did?


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