[Dixielandjazz] mp3 player

Richard Crockett rcrockett1 at houston.rr.com
Wed Mar 31 07:32:24 PST 2004

I'm fascinated by the technology of the new music "players" -- those little
gadgets the kids are listening to that have no moving parts and can store
hours of music.

I'm wondering: is there is a model that uses a Compact Flash memory card as
an expansion mode? That would be handy since I already have a flash card
reader on my PC to handle digital pics.

There are so many different configurations available and no one in the
stores really know what's available or very much about their own items. I've
done Google searches and am not coming up with the info I want.

Does anyone out there know about these little marvels???

Send me a note privately...


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