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Wed Mar 31 01:53:12 PST 2004

In a message dated 31/3/04 3:18:27 am, robert.smith at mitransport.no writes:

> a NAXOS CD in their Jazz Legends series. The CD is titled Texas Tea Party 
> 1933-1950, and we're not quite sure which is the record number of these two: 
> (ADD) or IC 05537 (GEMA).

The correct catalogue number of this CD is simply Naxos 8.120585 and I can 
supply it for £4.21 (ex-British VAT) or £4.95 with the tax plus postage and 
packing. Can I bring to your attention this series which has some excellent issues 
covering historical material - (not all OKOM) including Teagarden, Kid Ory, 
Bix, Ellington, Bessie Smith and others. Super value as they are a budget 

Best wishes,


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