[Dixielandjazz] Re: PD Songs

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 28 20:47:21 PST 2004

> Bill Haesler, Bill Oakley and Tom Wiggins hate the middle men who eat up all those
> fees for administration costs.

Me too. It is a big scam

If I see the ASCAP, or BMI guys in the house, I just change the name of the tunes if
they are not PD. Example, I Can't Give You Anything But Love can easily become BUTT
LOVE. or if that offends you, simply. I Ain't Got No Money So Here's My Love. Who wrote
them? ME!!! (Bill H., anything before 1923 in the USA is PD)

If you are not working from charts, let the music police prove that you are playing
their song. Heck, Lady Be Good (Gershwin), became Hackensack (T. Monk) so I'll call it
Jersey City (Barbone) and change one part of the melody line. Who's to say I or you are
not the songwriter?

I'd love to go to a court trial on "Jersey City". Especially since there is no written
music for it. Even Bourbon Street Parade circa 1943 could be called Bill Bailey circa
1902 and therefore in PD.


PS. Copies to you all because it seems I am unable to post on list at the moment.

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