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Watch out for the Toronto based Magnolia Brass Band in The Friday morning
parade - we are gonna try and make it  - some Canadians but help from the
English, the Danes, the Dutch and the Americans in making up our numbers!
Yours truly will be a member - at the front on trombone - hopefully  we can
persuade our parade marshall to make the trip, otherwise I will be leading
'em all astray!

I am leading the "Kid Bastien Remembered" Band - an International pick-up
group - we have a couple of sets at Fritzel's bar at 733 Bourbon and we are
on the International stage on Sunday.
Hope its warmer than last year, when the Wednesday and Thursday were cold
enough to severely embarrass a brass monkey, if you get my meaning!
Thankfully it was up to normal by the Friday - blissfully sunny and warm -
what a delightful thought!
Brian Towers
Hot Five Jazzmakers
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> > I agree with Sue. If a project is launched it would be good to select a
> > site that seems most vital to jazz history, is affordable, has potential
> > for the kind of uses that you envision, etc.
> >
> >
> Hi Charlie:
> I too agree, I just mentioned that I was going down there and would make
it a
> po int to check it out along with any other viable opportunities,   I am
> there are many other historical places that could use restoration.   We
> to first see where the Political and economic winds are blowing before
> into such a long distance undertaking.
> After all New Orleans should have done it long ago, but perhaps
> they chose not to do so, as often happens in major cities with other
> redevelopment plans for high rise hotels and office buildings etc. that
would be far
> more lucrative for them then protecting and preserving history.
> The worst thing that will happen is I will enjoyu a lot of good music and
> too much good food and leave some California money in New Orleans.   If I
> lucky I will get to meet some of the folks on this list while there.
> Cheers,
> Tom Wiggins
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