[Dixielandjazz] A Present Day USA Jazz festival

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Mon Mar 29 18:43:36 PST 2004

Hi Folks:  This is what a real Jazz festival should look like and cost for it 
to be a viable business and successful for all involved.   Note is has OKOM 
Artists on the bill too.   Note the sponsor,  who no doubt receives much of 
their income from OKOM fans and musicians alike, not a bad way to give some of it 

Now get out to the drug store and buy a case of Geritol, drink up  and go get 
a ticket to the festival and be giddy and dance your behind off all day or 
just sit and tap your toes till they go numb. :)

Perhaps some of you Jazz society folks could go hustle up ReXall, or 
Walgreens or some other major pharmaceutical company to sponsor your events in your 
areas as well, just takes a bit of creativity and some get up and go.

Don't Just SAY NO TO DRUGS  Heck, maybe they would even give you some free 
samples of Geritol & Viagra to distribute with each ticket.  Careful now don't 
over do it.  A little bit goes a long ways or so I have heard.  I personally 
have not needed either formula YET!  I am still trying to get that Saltpeter to 
work.  :))   Guess that's a drummer thing, :>)


Tom Wiggins

Aventis Pharmaceuticals Jazzfest 2004 

A Giants of Jazz Birthday Bash: 

Centennial Celebrations for Count Basie, 

Coleman Hawkins and Fats Waller 

June 12 & 13 

Fairleigh Dickinson University 

Madison, New Jersey 

Tickets: $40.00/one day 


Aventis Pharmaceuticals Jazzfest 2004, a weekend of great jazz for the whole 
family, will be coming to the Madison, New Jersey campus of Fairleigh 
Dickinson University on Saturday and Sunday, June 12 and 13 with a birthday party for 
three giants of jazz. 

Featuring more than three dozen great musicians, including Bucky Pizzarelli, 
Kenny Davern, Randy Brecker, Frank Foster, Houston Person, Rebecca Kilgore, 
Rufus Reid and Frank Wess, this jazz picnic will pay tribute to Count Basie, 
Coleman Hawkins and Fats Waller with music from ten-thirty to six-thirty each 

Tickets at the gate will be $40.00 per day and $75.00 for a two-day package. 
Advance sale discounts are available through the New Jersey Jazz Society. 
Students are only $10.00 and children 12 and under are free. The adjacent Dolce 
Hamilton Park Conference Hotel is offering special low room rates for all 
festival attendees. 

For ticket orders, call 732-271-7721 or visit www.njjs.org/ 

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