[Dixielandjazz] Report from Hungary

Bill Gunter jazzboard at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 26 10:35:01 PST 2004

Hello all,

Sitting here in a hotel room in Budapest with Ringwald and Dan Levinson we 
have discussed the situation and wish to say to you all, "We're here and 
you're not . . . nyah, nyah, nyah."

Our first concert was last night and we had a great time trying to tell 
jokes to an audience which understands not one word of English. We have 
decided we'd better stick to the music. The only thing more awkward than 
Hungarians listening to English is the Boondockers trying to speak 

We have four more concerts to go before they'll let us out of the country 
but that's OK because listmate Tamas Ittzes is a great host and is taking 
very good care of us. He'll give you any further ihformation on our progress 
through this section of Central Europe.

Time for some Goulash and whatever it is Hungarians call beer (which is 
better than that lite beer they serve in California!).

Love to all,

Bill Gunter along with Levinson, Ringwald, Maihack, Church, Terry, and 

jazzboard at hotmail.com

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