[Dixielandjazz] Unsung Jazz Heroes

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 24 09:30:12 PST 2004

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Steve Barbone

"Jazz has its unsung heroes, too.  Perhaps "heroes" may be overly
strong, but I have a special affinity for players such as Wallace
Davenport, who died last week in New Orleans at age 78.  More than a
journeyman, never a star, Davenport was a tasteful, reliable and
accomplished jazzman for decades, compiling a sizable discography,
most often as a sideman with first-rate traditional and Swing
musicians.  He didn't play fast, he didn't play loud, he seldom
reached for the high notes (but could make them - and sustain them -
when the moment called for it).  His technique with mutes was among
the best. Especially notable, for me, are Davenport's mainstream session
Buddy Tate, Vic Dickenson and Cozy Cole, and a 1975 recording
titled "Earl Hines in New Orleans," which also included Orange
Kellin.  He contributed memorable, swinging jazz whenever he
played.  Hopefully, he will be remembered."

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