[Dixielandjazz] Listening to "other" music

Bill Gunter jazzboard at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 22 09:22:22 PST 2004

I happen to be in Prague, Czech Republic at the moment, home of Dvorak and 
Smetana (visited their graves yesterday) and am pleased to report that I 
listen to more than OKOM.

I happen to be into Acid Rock and Rap which completes my musical persona.


Bill "Nov Smoz Ka Pop" Gunter
jazzboard at hotmail.com

>From: david richoux <tubaman at batnet.com>
>To: DJML <dixielandjazz at ml.islandnet.com>
>Subject: Re: [Dixielandjazz] Listening to "other" music
>Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 19:14:11 -0800
>as more than a few on this list know, I DO listen to, and play all other 
>sorts of music besides OKOM - as much as I do enjoy an ear full of Louis, 
>Lu, Turk or even Bing - I do know that there is a lot of other kinds of 
>music that provide a lot of pleasure for me.
>One of the biggest changes in my tuba performance skills came when I 
>started playing cover versions of rock songs, first with the infamous 
>Stanford University Marching Band and later with the California 
>Repercussions - I have much increased in endurance, range and flexibility, 
>playing in "odd" keys and rhythms, learning songs I am not at all familiar 
>with and trying to feel the patterns and "hooks" of more modern popular 
>music. I don't always exactly like the particular songs I play, but the 
>total effect of the band is quite good and we do get a large, appreciative 
>audience in many parts of the world.
>I do not play much "classical" music, but I also enjoy listening to a lot 
>of that - also I listen to a lot of the best Brass Band and traditional 
>Marching Band/Wind Band compositions (and a lot of traditional Eastern 
>European Brass Bands -  things I will probably never be able to play) - 
>they are all linked to Traditional Jazz in many ways!
>I also play all sorts of extreme "modern and post-modern jazz" on my radio 
>program (after the Jazz Parade segment ) and while I don't always 
>understand or even enjoy every bit of it, I do try to figure it out and at 
>least develop a feeling for the  skills and techniques that are being 
>expressed - it is not likely that I would use those techniques in my OKOM 
>performances, but I do now know a good harmalodic throat-singer when I hear 
>one ;-)
>Dave Richoux
>On Mar 21, 2004, at 4:29 PM, Anton Crouch wrote:
>>Hello all
>>The thread on "is it helpful to listen to music other than OKOM?" is 
>>Intuitively I agree with those who answer "yes", but a far more important 
>>question is "is there anyone on this list who doesn't listen to music 
>>other than OKOM?"
>>The possibility that someone might answer "yes" to that question is too 
>>awful to contemplate   :-)
>>All the best
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