[Dixielandjazz] Re: Storyville Blues: et al

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Mon Mar 22 14:22:31 PST 2004

Thanks Greg,
and also to Bob Rubin,
Unfortunately, I should also have mentioned that the the Bunk Johnson, Turk
Murphy and FH5+2 "Storyville Blues" and Lu Watters' "Bienville Blues" are
not the same tune as the 'Louis' Storyville song I am seeking. I have all
these and eliminated them as suspects years ago.
This is not a case of checking reference and fake books, but one of checking
The 5 minute Louis' version of "Farewell To Storyville/Storyville Blues"
from the 3 Sept 1949 Eddie Condon Floor Show program has the following words
(or as close as I can make out):

Goin' back to Storyville
That's where I long to be
Ain't no time to ask me why
Ever'ything 'bout Storyville
Is just a part of me
Since I was just this high.

Goin' back to ole Desire(?)
I knows my way around
Friends I know will shake my hand
 (scat) buzz o zet i
Nothing change on Desire(?)
That old street of my hometown
The street where I make my stand(?)

There's a café called The Rough
That never shuts, oh
You can drop around most most anytime you choose
There's a lady tailored(?) down(?)
And something cut low
She rocks and rolls the ole piana, with the King Porter Blues

Goin' back to Storyville
I'm gonna take my horn
Shiftin' suit(?) or breakin' corn
Oh, I just can't stand and wait until
I'm back where I belong
My Storyville's my home.

Based on the above lyrics, I suspect that this 'sentimental' song is from
the 1940s.
But forget the lyrics. Listen to the great playing.
Oh. I mentioned that Louis is accompanied by Jack Teagarden, and Joe Bushkin
but forgot to mention Jack Lesberg, sb and a subdued George Wettling, d.
Very kind regards,

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