[Dixielandjazz] Re: Thread: Is it helpful to listen music other thank OKOM? PlusEvan Christopher

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 20 16:04:41 PST 2004

Norman Vickers wrote: (polite snip) about Evan Christopher

> At last year's March of Jazz, one of the most exciting sets was one in which
> he was paired with 80 year old Buddy DeFranco, still looking great and
> playing marvelously well.  Buddy opened and closed with two Charlie Parker
> tunes, played at just under the speed of light.  Not only did Even keep up,
> he even pushed Buddy to greater accomplishment.  I've never heard Buddy play
> better!  There's another similar set scheduled this year.  Unfortunately, my
> travel schedule does not permit me to stay for that one. :>(
> Norman Vickers

List mates & Norm:

Early last year Buddy was talking about his upcoming visit to NYC and the JVC
Jazz Festival. He was going to play there along side a guy he loved to listen
to. One of his "favorites". Guess who?

Kenny Davern.

Evan, Kenny, Buddy, and Tony Scott in one place together?  Now that would be

Steve Barbone

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