[Dixielandjazz] Website Justification

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Thu Mar 18 10:11:22 PST 2004

Bert wrote:
you must admitt that a lot of stuff discussed on
this site doesn't even qualify as musicical information

You're right, Bert.  But, it has a lot to do with "people information".
DJML is a really nice family.  In families, lots of things get

I've had the priviledge of personally meeting two members of the DJML
family over the last several weeks:  Bob Ringwald & his family in
Beverly Hills, and Jim Jones & wife right here in Madrid.  Plus, I heard
from many people in this "family" when we suffered the bombings here
last week, all sincerely concerned. 

It's for that it's worth sticking around, as you must realize yourself,
as you're still here in spite of your grumblings.  Dunno 'bout yourself,
but my daily concerns cover much more than just Dixieland Jazz, and I
don't mind reading about a few "outside" subjects as long as they don't
go on & on.


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