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Bert Barr uljb at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 17 14:27:32 PST 2004

Common fellas and gals - you must admitt that a lot of stuff discussed on
this site doesn't even qualify as musicical information. No sense
elaborating as some folks will pick apart something just for sake of
argument. I will say no more on the subject.

Bert(back to lurking)Barr 

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Bert Barr wrote:

  "I don't usually get involved in most of the useless BS that is
   discussed on this site but I do use my website as a sales tool
   and when a prospective client calls about hiring Uptown lowdown
   Jazz Band, it sure helps to just send them to the web for sound
   and photos and a bit about the band."

Okay, now we have a pretty clear example of the sort of useless BS in which
you *will* get involved. Thanks for sharing.  (:

-- Paul Edgerton

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