Fwd: Re: [Dixielandjazz] John Cocuzzi

John Russell hotjazz60 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 16 22:20:46 PST 2004

Hiya  Harold, how are you doing in USA
Thanks for adding my mialing as an attachment, sorry I should have added the DJML address to listing
 The gig John Cocuzzi was on was fantastic.
I just saw an email from Stephen Barbone, who quoted the site for John Cocuzzi, i.e www,johncocuzzimusic.com
Good info. about him and shows 2 C.D records.
Will write to him to ask if they were ##   LIVE #  sessions
 By the way Steve Barbone sent me a  # Free # copy of his latest C.D called # Live at West Chester University Jazz Festival # This is on his own private label, his website is  ::
Take care of yourself Harold, bye

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