[Dixielandjazz] The "joys" of being a bandleader and star singer

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> I visited this site, clicked on the Anka icon and waited ten - yes ten -
> minutes for something to download with no result. I'll just have to live
> without Mr. Anka's pearls of wisdom.
> John Farrell
> http://homepages.tesco.net/~stridepiano/midifiles.htm
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So did I John:  
The site came up but not the audio,

 Then I did a google search on my Macintosh and it came right up with the 
audio, it indeed shows the gross unprofessionalism of many formerly working 
musicians, who spend 90% of their time trying to get a good gig and the other 10% 
trying their damndest to get fired from it.

Sidemen are indeed a strange and fickle lot seems all over the world.

Anka has a uniformed show because he puts on a class entertainment show for 
folks who pay a lot of money  to see and hear him and likes his band to look 
sharp for the visual appeal not to mention the television coverage.

Apparently some of his guys showed up for a show in T-shirts and burmuda 
shorts, and he gave them a royal ass chewing, as well as the conductor who allowed 
them on the bandstand.

It went on and on about other problems in the show like the  guys not 
watching him for the cues or paying attention to the conductor either,  tells them he 
will be quick to fire them all if it happens again and they don't shape up 
and follow directions.

He laments about how well he pays them and asks them if they like the fact 
that their pay checks all cash for the amount on them every time, and then rants 
on about how he pays them well for thier services and he feels he is damned  
( no F&^%%% sure)  he is entitled top get high caliber professional courtesy 
and service from them and if not he will fire the lot of them on the spot.  ( 
Do you F$^&(^$g understand Me?)     I bought you guys those F*(*&^##g Shirts 
and you will wear the F%%%g Shirts, that's just the F&$#*g Way it is  etc. etc.  
 We must remember that Paul Anka came fromt he same cut of Stars that were 
popular in thier era of the Frank Sinatra ilk who hung out with some pretty 
heavy people of Italian descent and who were very powerful in the Entertainment 
business, particularly in Las Vegas where they worked the most..

Most sidemen are never happy and never think they make enough money or get 
recognition for their greatness by any bandleader they work for much less the 
Star Singer who the folks are paying to see and hear.

I have had guys who dreamed and begged to go on the road and play  with my 
groups,and  finally get a spot on the tour and can't handle the pressure of 
travelling and getting along with 8 to 12 other people day in and day out.   Some 
of these guys just snap and get up and leave without even getting their 
transportation ticket home or ask for their pay.  It does not matter how much money 
they are being paid either, the expensive ones will do it even faster than the 
lower paid newcomers.   Many of  them will try it no matter about the money 
or the consequences it might have on the rest of the band members depending 
upon them to complete a tour so they all get paid and invited back to play again 
in the future.

It never ceases to amaze me how it seems to run throughtout the live music 
business, these type guys just have no idea that they are hired to work just 
like any other profession and the boss gets to ask you to do it his way because 
he is paying you to do it that way.

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