[Dixielandjazz] Roll the Patrol

Dick Baker box2 at twotonbaker.com
Sun Mar 14 23:42:32 PST 2004

Dave Gravatt inquired:

"Looking for the composer and year of this tune. I have heard a recording by
the Black Dogs and maybe one other group. Anyone know where this thing came
from? Thanks!"

My namesake, Dick "Two Ton" Baker, recorded this on Mercury 5239 in 
1949.  The composer credit on the Mercury 78 is Howard Marks.

Which gives me entry to announce to one and all that I have recently 
launched the world's first and only Dick Two Ton Baker home page, to be 
found at twotonbaker.com.

Two Ton Baker wasn't known as a jazz performer, but he could rip off some 
pretty hot licks on the piano, and he was a close friend of Duke Ellington.

   Dick Baker - Falls Church, Virginia, USA
             box2 at twotonbaker.com

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