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Fri Mar 12 11:39:03 PST 2004

Snip: <<Summing up: Advertise, Yes.  But Wisely!>>

That's where you're missing the point. I tell the following to all of my web 
customers, regardless of the business they are in:

Think of your web page as a beautiful color brochure that you might mail out 
to anyone interested in contracting for your services. But better than a color 
brochure... this web page can contain every nugget of information that any 
prospective client might like to know. If arranged properly, the website will 
load quickly and relate immediately the type of business you are in and the type 
of services you provide... also how to contact you. But, additionally, the 
web page can have almost unlimited DEPTH for those that like to RESEARCH without 
hindering those that would rather just have a quick look.

The true beauty of the website is that it can be CHANGED for pennies (daily, 
if you like). Run the numbers on what a full-color brochure would cost to 
produce and then run the numbers on what it will cost to MAIL it to 1 million 
people. THEN calculate what a web site will cost to create (and remember, it is 
available to BILLIONS). There is no comparison.

The one thing a web site will not do is ADVERTISE to those who do not already 
know of it or are not already looking for it. You must let people know about 
it through some other means of advertising. So a web site is more of a 
marketing tool than strictly an advertising medium, at least as far as cold contacts 
go. However, once your prospective client finds your 'living brochure' they 
then have a contact that keeps on working for you at every level. 

With regards to music... no longer does an agent have to have a picture, tape 
and tune list for you... just direct him to your 'agent-friendly' site which 
is exactly like your regular site except it has an address that only the agent 
knows and the site does not direct anyone to contact you directly, preserving 
the agent's position. Anything his client wants to know is there (tune lists, 
current pictures, past clients, sound bytes, calendar, etc.). Or direct you 
own contacts to your site via your business card. Give your card out on the gig 
and your contact 'checks you out' on your web site. The more professional 
your site looks, the more professional your band is perceived to be.

A web site would NOT be the ideal place to ADVERTISE something like a 
concert... especially if that were your ONLY medium for advertising. It would be fine 
if it were one of many mediums that you might use to blanket a potential area 
(along with, radio, TV, newspaper, flyers, billboards, etc.).... but if you 
included the web address on all of that advertising your potential customers 
could answer most of their questions by visiting a well designed, informative 
web site.

Rocky Ball

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