[Dixielandjazz] Website Justification

Edgerton, Paul A paul.edgerton at eds.com
Thu Mar 11 13:35:07 PST 2004

Bill Horton asked list mates about websites. It should surprise no one that
I have an opinion...

With all due respect, Bill doesn't understand the web. And why would he? He
has little use for it. Most of what he does see is commercial. 

Back in the day (five or six years ago) the web was mostly about information
and the relationship between things. These days the web has become the
electronic of equivalent of a Sunday paper. Still, once you throw out all of
the junk inserts what remains is solid information in an usable format.

Despite all the advertising and big-budget commercial sites, the web is not
a print medium. Its real value is jumping to related information by
hyperlinks. If you want to learn something about OKOM, a little browsing
will tell you a lot. You can find out which cities have clubs (hundreds) or
festivals (there's something every weekend) or even the history of OKOM and
its practitioners.

Web browsing takes you to all sorts of unexpected places. You might get
stuck at a smut site, but it's great when you find sites like PismoJazz.
(The web is like a box of chocolates...) A web page littered with
descriptive links is a very helpful resource. The pages that take you where
you want to go are the ones you visit most often. 

I don't know how many new members the Pismo site attracts, but I bet it has
sold a few festival badges. And it helps curious surfers to learn more about

But most of you already knew that.

Paul Edgerton,
who ignores questions like, "What is OKOM?"   Use the web, Luke.

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