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I hear what you're saying but I'm a little more pragmatic than most, and don't dig the point of 
much of the stuff on the DJML. I particularly dug an earlier response from someone about doctor's (in particular) that were working, by their definition as musicians accepting gigs.

The response, and perhaps you remember it was from a well known pro musician that signed off as :

Professional Musician
Semi Professional Doctor

I thought it poignant !


Dave Hanson

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  Hi Dave:

  They are a lot tougher and thicker skinned than we sometimes think,  we all have our little points of disagreement on many issues but all in all it is a good group of people and even though I get very frustrated very often, I try to hang in there and keep in touch with a lot of them.  Some I just ignore as I have learned that it will just go nowhere trying to reason with them or change their attitudes about important issues relevant to those of us who make a living in music and deal with the often ugly realities that come with doing so.

  I probably now get almost as much mail off list as I do on, from the real people anyway.

  Keep swingin  man.


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