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> > Rudi Blesh jazz radio
> > programs from NYC, in 1949.
> >
> George Buck's Jazzology label has just completed a project to issue
> all of
> these programmes on CD. Nine volumes with four programmes per double
> CD (except
> the last which has three) so therefore 35 half hour radio shows
> broadcast
> weekly originally in 1947. Some really great music even if Rudi
> Blesh's linking
> announcements might sound a little corny and maybe even a little
> patronising to
> our ears now.

Funny how both Rudi and Louis talked. They both used the words boy and
boys when talking about the musos, eg. "my boys", or "OK boys", or "why
it's my boy, Nick" (for Albert Nicholas).  Perhaps sounding patronizing,
nowadays, but to them it was a perfectly normal pattern of speech. Now
we use the term "man" instead which really means the same thing. Glad to
hear those programs are being imortalized. They were a treasure then and
a valuable piece of history now, both the music and the patter. By all
means, buy the CDs. Fidelity is probably better than my reel to reel,
and then to tape decades later of the two programs I have.

I do hope George does not bleep out the Louis lyrick on Rascal that

Look here boy, what is it that you got
That makes my wife think you so hot.

Answered by a background yell from Brunies, (I think):
"A glorified frankfurter"

The censors couldn't stop it in those days as there was no 7 second
delay. Harmless as that seems now, in those days it would have been
considered quite unacceptable.

Steve Barbone

Steve Barbone

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