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A slight correction. The issue is really the software that is on
the server. Most home users and a lot of business users get
used to windows. But a lot of servers run UNIX. The killer here
is that windows doesn't give a damn about upper or lower case
letters you can put a file called abc.JPG on the server and
then refer to it as ABC.jpg and if it's a windows server it will work.
But if it's a unix server, your text(html) file better use the exact
same case as the real name of the file.

The only safe thing to do if you're not into the details of what
your supplier is using, is to use the stricter Unix rule of worrying
about the case and matching it.
Further, Tamas may be right if it is a unix server (it's been too long
for me since I used one.) In the case of a windows server it would not

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| John, although I have no idea how Word2000 works and Rocky seemed to give
| you a few handy ideas, here is my experience about putting images on the
| web: they have to be in .gif format (smaller images, background colours
| etc.) or pictures must be in .jpg - not CMYK but RGB if colour. Also:
| sometimes I just let my Photoshop name the pictures and they always turned
| out to be in .JPG format - which is the same as .jpg but not for the html
| coding. ".jpg" can't be capitals. So many times these tiny details screw
| things when you think, everything is OK.
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