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> > "Ken Gates" <keng at iswest.com> wrote (polite snip)
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> > I certainly echo that listening to folks like Davern, Vache, Hedges,
> > and other top of the line current clarinet artists can only to helpful
> > any aspiring musician.
> Yes, as Conrad Janis said in the Jim Uhl article in the Mississippi Rag,
Wilbur DeParis
> listened to his band and then took that style in Jimmy Ryan's when Janis
was released
> because he asked for a raise.
> The style came full circle. Ory to Janis, and then Janis to DeParis, who
was "listening
> hard" to the Janis Band for inspiration, not Ory. Interesting take. Why
would DeParis do
> that? Because ir was the Janis Band that was immensely popular in New York
City at that
> time and so DeParis went with a "proven" style.
> Main thing is to blend into the band with whom you are playing. EG, the
best "New Orleans
> Revival" clarinetist in the world would have a hard time fitting in with a
"Condon" Band
> and vice versa. Any of us who are sidemen in different style OKOM bands
most likely
> realize that we must adapt to the Band as best we can.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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