[Dixielandjazz] Clarinet--Traditional Licks

Harold Smith s3856lpa at webtv.net
Tue Mar 9 14:35:02 PST 2004

Ken Gates brought up the clarinetist of the Uptown/Lowdown band, and
couldn't recall his name.

He is the remarkable John Goodrich, a killer player,and a wonderful
soprano sax man as well.  John's flawless fillagree work with Paul Woltz
on alto or bass sax
make for great listening.

There are a number of wonderful players who get zero recognition because
they are knee deep in ensemble playing.  If you listen to John
Goodrich's various solo spots in their arrangements, you will know that
he is a schooled, articulate, and excitng player.

Harold, as usual filled with envy, Smith

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