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John, Rocky (and others):

If you don't want to go to the trouble, time or expense of a website, we can
offer you web presence without the hassle.  You can have a page on our
website for the low price of  $5 per year membership, which entitles you to
your own page to exploit your endeavors for an addition $10 per year; only
$15 and we do all the programming and publishing work.  Send us your text
and pictures by e-mail, you can even update it every month and we will do
the rest.

An example page:

We weren't able to really push this in the past but since Rosemary and I are
now both retired and our grandson is helping, I think we will be able to
keep up.  One thing to keep in mind, your page must be jazz related; this is
a lot of work and we are only willing to do so to help you promote jazz.

Thanks for supporting jazz,

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> John (and others):
> Word and most commercial word processors have invisible control codes they
> place within the text. These codes and charcters do not show up when
viewing a
> document in Word or even if you copy and paste the text into other word
> processors.... most know what characters should be displayed and what
characters are
> 'control codes' and should be ignored. HTML (the coding language of the
> internet), however, is a very LITERAL text-based coding language and
> nothing. When it encounters those heretofore "invisible" characters from
Word it
> tries to do something with them... and that something is most often
disasterous to
> a web page!
> Instead... use a simple text program like Notepad on the PC or SimpleText
> a Mac to write your HTML. These programs are so vanilla that they do not
> include the "invisible" characters that are rampant in Word.
> If you aren't up to creating HTML in a text-only format (what programmers
> would call 'hard-coding') then look into getting a WYSIWYG (What You See
Is What
> You Get) HTML editor that acts like a page layout program... the best are
> DreamWeaver from Macromedia and GoLive from Adobe. Microsoft makes one
that most
> web pros HATE called "FrontPage". Adobe made one that can often still be
> cheap called PageMill. Netscape used to give away a free one with Netscape
> Communicator 3.0 through about 4.7 called "Composer" (built right into the
> browser). Go to www.versiontracker.com to see if there are any freeware or
> software html editors that will do the same thing on your Operating
> In short, any word processor (and ESPECIALLY Word) contains far too many
> invisible characters hidden among the text that drive your browser crazy
when it
> tries to interpret the code to display the page and its contents (graphic
> files) accurately. It's not a 'bug' in Word 2000... it's just a case of
using the
> wrong tool for the job.
> Hope this helps,
> Rocky Ball, banjo
> Atlanta, Georgia
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