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Tue Mar 9 13:25:03 PST 2004

<< You can copy CDs with a computer, but it's a lot faster to get a two- or
more-tray duplicator. If you want to sell to people besides your current
fans, you need to make the CDs look as professional as possible. There are
CD printer units available. You do have to design CD labels, whether
printed on paper stuck on the CDs or directly on the CDs. >>

Fellow listmates:

I have been working for several years to perfect the "on demand" printing of 
CD labels at home for commercial sale. I have plans to release some older 
recordings to gift shops, tourist haunts and internet sales and, as Mr. 
Littlefield pointed out, they have to look good and as if they were printed 
professionally. Since I am a graphic artist at least half of the time, I have developed 
some expertise in this area. I have several clients who have self-produced CDs 
that I have designed jackets (inserts) and labels for.. and designed them in 
such a way that the musician can print them from home in lots of 2 (2-up) in 
order to assemble small mail orders. I (and now my clients) print these on a 
small, inexpensive Epson (or Canon, or HP or whatever home) printer ($65.00 range) 
on glossy paper and cut them on an ordinary paper cutter to fit perfectly in 
standard jewel boxes and they can't be discerned from the real commerial 
quality printing on any CD you might purchase in a store... even on close 

If there is enough interest I will be happy to share some of these tips with 
you. Of course, my services are available for those who might not want to go 
the 'do it yourself' route but I think you'll find that this is not that hard 
to do. See examples at the below links:


http://members.aol.com/donerdman/pages/cd.html  (scroll down to the Hotlanta 
Trio "Keeping Out Of Mischief Now"... the only one there I did.)

Drop me a line and if there's enough interest I'll post a detailed 
instruction and tip sheet to the list.

Rocky Ball, banjo

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