[Dixielandjazz] RE: Playing for kids

TCASHWIGG at aol.com TCASHWIGG at aol.com
Thu Mar 4 22:02:14 PST 2004

Way to Go Barbone!

If everyone would go out and do the same thing every week there could indeed 
be a great resurgence in Real music with melodies and sensible lyrics that 
actually communicate with people of all ages.

These kids are a lot hipper than most of us think they are and they simply 
need to be introduced to good music and be shown how much fun it is to listen to 
it dance to it and enjoy it.

Like we say however the band leaders have got to get out there and become 
visible, if not the schools will keep hiring DJs instead of musicians to play 
live music.

It's A Revolution boys and girls, not get into the protest mood and go kick 
some butt, say it loud, say it Proud, say it soft, but at least GO SAY IT.

I guarantee you, you will feel better in the evening.

No matter how good or how famous any of us get we should never turn our backs 
on these kind of performances, they are the future of all good music.   
Besides if we don't do this how can we expect to keep the school departments 
interested in operating a music department.   We all owe this to ourselves and to 
the kids and their parents who will come out to se you in the evenings and buy 
your Cds and support your music.

It's a numbers game all the way.


Tom Wiggins

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