[Dixielandjazz] The circus band in Italy

David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Thu Mar 4 09:52:54 PST 2004

Here's another report on the circus band from Italy that loves Dixieland.
dear shiek.  we are doing well in palermo as we have biked from Catania to
Acareal for carnival.  it was a real hoot as we know some old mardi gras
songs and though it didnt seem like anyone recognised them we sure had a
ball with them. 

We are  a 9 piece circus with a band that hass me on bass, accordian,
guitar,  clarinet, trumpet, a "bazoonie" or bass trumpet, sax. and
trombone. All or any combo of us may be playing at any gig as some people
go to other towns early or stay in a town for a few extra days depending on
love intrests or attractions of other kinds or whatever may sidetrack any
jazz musician.  

We're 4 women and the rest guys and we travel real loose no rules, staying
in squats with artists or punx or wherever we can   i guess we're all punx
originally as that is what got most of us intrested in music in the first
place. Most of us are from usa but we're also from argentina denmark italy
spain etc..  

We're going thru "Dixieland Fake Book" ravenously and want the new one bad.
We love the music and we've other fake books of course.   We're wondering
if you can help us by sending us the funniest song you have.  Yes the funny
stuff we love since we are a circus band; the clowns eat it up as ive told
you: 5 clowns singing [Sheik of Araby] "with no pants on" is great. we also
do im my own grampa and many funny originals as weve a great songwriter
with us and we do many originals!!

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