[Dixielandjazz] Yes, Alvino Rey = Ira Ironstrings

Dick Baker box2 at twotonbaker.com
Mon Mar 1 17:44:10 PST 2004

At 03:00 PM 3/1/2004, Richard Shook wrote:

>I recall reading somewhere that Alvino Rey was behind the Ira Ironstrings 
>recordings done years ago. Does anyone know if this is true, or who else 
>was on those sessions? My father had 2 of those LPs : Ira Ironstrings 
>Plays with Matches, and Ira Ironstrings Plays for People with $2.98.

Yep, Alvino Rey was indeed Ira Ironstrings.  But that second album was 
actually "...$3.98."  For those rushing to complete their collections:

Ira Ironstrings Plays for People with $3.98, Warner Brothers WBS 1204
Ira Ironstrings Plays with Matches, Warner Brothers WBS 1248
Ira Ironstrings Plays Santa Claus (Christmas Music for Those Who've Heard 
Everything), Warner Brothers WBS 1339
The Best Damn Dance Band in the Land, Warner Brothers WBS 1380
Joe "Fingers" Carr and Ira Ironstrings, Together for the Last Time, Vol 1, 
Warner Brothers WBS 1389
Ira Ironstrings Destroys the Great Bands, Warner Brothers WBS 1439
Big Band Polkas on Parade, Warner Brother WBS-1457
Stereo Goes Charleston, Warner Brothers WBS-1297 (issued in mono as 
Charleston in Hi Fi)


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