[Dixielandjazz] Eli's All-Stars concert and air shot

Eli Newberger newberge at massmed.org
Fri Jul 30 08:41:33 PDT 2004

Dear List,

This is a shameless plug for "Whistling Dixie," the opening concert of the
University of New Hampshire Traditional Jazz Series on September 20.  My
band features Brad Terry, the indomitable whistler and clarinetist, Bob
Winter, the Boston Pops pianist, Jimmy Mazzy, banjo and vocals, Ted Casher,
clarinet and tenor, Bo Winiker, trumpet, and my own brother Henry on
trombone and tuba.

Does anyone else whistle OKOM?  Brad, legend has it, is the only man in New
England, whose car has wipers on the inside as well as the outside of his
windshield.  On his way to gigs, he practices, you see.

If you want a taste of this music, you can listen to 3 tunes from our live
broadcast on WGBH-FM, starting with Brad's signature "Sweet Georgia Brown"

With warm regards to all,


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