[Dixielandjazz] Concerts in the Park was Things that make me cringe

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 28 14:31:46 PDT 2004

>Trumpetom at aol.com (Tom Loeb) wrote
>Recently I saw a less than stellar concert in the park performance. There 
>were a singing group and an "orchestra" complete with drum sounds, incorrect 
>chords and bass lines from a "one or two finger" chord creator, simulated 
>instrument voicings & electronically generated harmony parts all coming out of the 
>keyboard. After the mid concert break, the keyboard player announced that an 
>audience member inquired about source of the background recording. With a great 
>deal of pride, the keyboardist announced this was no recording, but it was 100 
>PERCENT LIVE MUSIC generated right here in his electronic keyboard. That 
>oxymoron received thunderous applause. Go figure.
That's why EVERY Dixieland band should be doing "Concerts In the Park". 
There is a VAST, UNTAPPED AUDIENCE out there worldwide that is waiting 
for us and good music. Better still, there are thousands of Park 
Concerts that most of us simply ignore as venues.

Let's all start to play where the people are.

Steve Barbone


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