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> With a great 
> deal of pride, the keyboardist announced this was no recording, but it was 
> 100 
> PERCENT LIVE MUSIC generated right here in his electronic keyboard. That 
> oxymoron received thunderous applause. Go figure.

Now you know where we got SMOOTH JAZZ, and what is worse is that Big 
Entertainment Corporations like Clear Channel who owns most of the radio stations and 
live concert venues in the world are force feeding it to the public on their 
radio channels and now even in live concerts inthe parks and public places 
where they are selling the concert series to the Shopping Malls as part of their 
advertising package.

We have one such series right here in my back yard every Thursday and the 
music is pathetic at best.  The audience, is not given any alternatives because 
of the Radio station sponsoring it and only allowing the acts that they play on 
their stations to play on the concerts.

In another town right down the road 15 miles the Local Oldies Rock station is 
presenting Sound alike groups on their stages, like "Diamond Rio" a tribute 
to Neil Diamond, they have a Rod Stewart tribute act coming next week, then 
they will have the BIGGIE,  a Beatles Tribute, followed by a Rolling Stones 
tribute band.

Maybe it's time for a Louis Armstrong Tribute band to get out there :))  
after all.


Tom Wiggins

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