[Dixielandjazz] Things that make me cringe

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It is sad to think that possibly some time in the future, people will have
completely forgotten Armstrong.  If we don't do the (sometimes bad)
impression, then the odd young person won't hear about him, won't seek out
his music and learn.  If we don't do the impression, others younger than we
are will not do the impression and the odd young listener will not wonder
who this fellow Armstrong was or what he sounded like himself.  The listener
will not seek this knowledge, will never know, will never learn.  Too sad.

Ron L

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Hi all,

Regarding Armstrong imitations, Ron L. wrote:

>Unfortunately, "general" audiences love it.   They are the ones for whom
>many of us play/sing during the "concert in the park" type gig.

General audiences really loved the old Roman Games too . . . but even they
finally came to an end.

I was talking to a guy a couple lf years ago and mentioned that I disliked
Louis impressions. This guy led a band where one of his sidemen actually did
a Louis bit on virtually every performanvce.  He told me that in his band's
case it was different because it was always done with great sensitivity and
with the greatest respect.

I said "That's wonderful" and let it rest.


Bill "The world is an amazing place full of strange and wondrous things"
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