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> Unfortunately, "general" audiences love it.  They are the ones for whom
> many of us play/sing during the "concert in the park" type gig.
> Ron L

Hi Ron, you are correct, general audiences do love it just as much as they 
like Elvis imitators, and any other sound/look alike act.  

This is because as we have discussed many times before on this list that they 
have no musical education to speak of and do not think in musical terms like 
most on this list.  Not only do they not understand the ins and outs of music 
they don't really care much so long as they can dance or tap their toes for a 
few fleeting minutes in between cell phone calls and the fast pace of life as 
we know it today.

That is why so many groups are making a great living and becoming almost 
stars on their own by simply becoming "The Beatles" Elvis, Tom Jones, The Beach 
Boys, Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson, Louis, or any other Celebrity.

Too many unqualified talent buyers and entertainment committees out there 
think this is what they should put on their stages, and since they can't afford 
the Real Stars that are Living, they think this is ALMOST AS GOOD and have 
settled into accepting and force feeding mediocrity on their audiences.

Some of these imitators are making as much money as the Stars did in some 
 (at some point in their careers).

Let's face it however, it is easier to market (He sounds just like Elvis) 
than beating your head against the wall trying to get somebody to buy an unknown 
musician, Remember at some time EVERYBODY wants to be in Show Business because 
they are so envious of how much fun we have and all the MONEY we make for 
just having fun and playing music.

It's not like we have a JOB or anything or have to work. :)


Tom  (I should have been a dancer) Wiggins  :)

"I've been all over the world twice, and am still waiting to be discovered 
and be an overnight success"   

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