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> It seems that a lot of guys have an urge to sing like Louis 
> Armstrong...many
> even wiping their brow while they 'sing'.
>    When Louis did it, it was singing....it had feeling.  The others are
> merely imitating the gravel voice.  It's been done, done, and overdone.
>   Please give it up, guys.  If you must sing, please do it in your own
> natural voice.  Let Louis rest in peace,
>    Pat Cooke

 It'll Never Happen Pat:

Just wishful thinking I'm afraid, Louis is their ELVIS and we don't even have 
a clue how many imitators and Elvis wannabes are out there, but you can bet 
it's far too many.

Some of them do Elvis better than Elvis did himself, but many others are 
simply atrocious and should be banished to the Elvis Island where no visitors are 
allowed and only Elvis Imitators all live.  Nowadays and guy with a Beer Belly 
dyed Black Hair and sideburns and sunglasses is a potential Elvis imitator, 
and with the advent of Karaoke Bars, every Truck driver in American is now one 
as well.

My favorite is the Flying Elvi in Las Vegas!  :))

I like to refer to them as Show Business Lepers!


Tom  "ugh  huh" Wiggins

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