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John Farrell stridepiano at tesco.net
Mon Jul 26 02:14:58 PDT 2004

Don't forget my royalties Bill - a large malt every time you play it! 8>)

John Farrell

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> Dear friends,
> What a great source the DJML is!!!
> Last week (me ole Pommy mate) John Farrell mentioned Don Ewell's
> "Walleritis", which John has transcribed and made available on his
> piano roll site.
> This week,  our little band's knockout clarinet player, Jack Wiard, always
> on the lookout for new tunes and using the John Farrell midi file version,
> transcribed it for clarinet.
> Guess what we played on the gig yesterday afternoon?
> "Walleritis"!
> Another new one for our extensive Robbers Dogs Jazz Band repertoire.
> Very kind regards,
> Bill.
> PS: Yes John Farrell, the same band you heard at The Fortune of War Hotel
> when you were in Sydney, Australia, a few years back.
> We are still there.
> Bill.
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