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Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 24 18:44:00 PDT 2004

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For those who may not know Dan Hardie, or about his passion for the
music and its origins, he is the author of 3 books of interest to

1) Exploring Early Jazz - The Origin & Evolution of the New Orleans

2) The Ancestry of Jazz - A Musical Family History

3) The Loudest Trumpet - Buddy Bolden & The Early History of Jazz.

While scholarly, they are quite readable, chock full of accurate jazz
history and readily available world wide. See the following link.


Dan, who resides in OZ, where it is already tomorrow, knows more about
the early history of this uniquely American art form than most of us
Americans, including jazz musicians and fans. For example, he knew that
James Johnson was indeed Buddy Bolden's double bass player back in 1905.

If your are at all interested in the historical approach to the positive
music, buy the books and read them. You will not be disappointed and you
can leave them on the coffee table for friends to admire and say the
author is a cyber buddy.

Steve Barbone

D and R Hardie wrote: (about the Lincoln/Bolden Record Spoof)

>    Steve,
>   Laugh away.
>   There are more things in heaven etc
> ciao
> Dan Hardie
> http://members.ozemail.com.au/~darnhard/EarlyJazzHistory.html
> On Saturday, July 24, 2004, at 12:13  PM, Stephen Barbone wrote:
> > Actually, Abraham Lincoln may be heard at the beginning of that once
> > lost Buddy Bolden Record, Not being moneyed, Bolden had to re-use an
> > existing one. The recording starts off with The Gettysburg Address
> > spoken by Honest Abe and morphs into The Gettysburg March as played
> by
> > Bolden's band. There is also a plainly audible bowed bass bass solo
> by
> > James Johnson indicating that the recording technique, lost by the
> time
> > ODJB had recorded for Victor, was further along in Bolden's time.
> >
> > Dan Hardie is digitally re-mastering it as we speak. and will offer
> it
> > as a package deal with copies of "The Loudest Trumpet". to
> interested
> > DJMLers at a greatly reduced price, since many do not like bass
> solos.
> > Tom Wiggins is the exclusive agent for the venture here in the USA
> so
> > write him for details.

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