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> Pat, 
> Are sure that was N.O?
> You're describing a guy I used to know over here in Holland!
> Dick Sleeman, Lelystad, Holland.
> <d.sleeman at hccnet.nl>

They're everywhere Dick, I forgot to mention in my post to Pat Cooke, that I 
actually did that gig once in an emergency when I played with a nightclub band 
back in the 60,'s.

The band had a B-3 Organist who played bass pedals, a lead guitar player/ 
vocalist who got sick and could not show up for the gig.  At the last minute the 
only other singer I could find that could make the gig was another drummer, so 
I hired him because he knew all our repertoire and could sing lead and play 
at the same time.  I plugged a bass guitar into the
guitar amp and switched it on standby since I don't play bass and did not 
want any bad notes to come out of the amp. 

The Organ player played the bass lines all night and I mimicked the bass 
complete with funky faces and grimaces, singing the bass notes into the microphone 
on some tunes, and acting like I was a hell of a Bass player.  It got really 
funny when the Organ player shouted out that we're gonna give the Bass Player 
a solo on a real funky Sly Stone tune, he played the solo on the organ pedals 
of course and I faked it well enough to get a standing ovation, Heck even my 
wife was fooled and actually thought I should switch to the Bass so I could be 
in the front line.  The club owner thought it was a great idea as well till 
some other musician trying to hustle the gig told him what I was doing.

He still admitted that it was one of the best nights the club had had in a 
long time and kept the band for six months.  It was fun but I wouldn't want to 
do it for living, I also have a clavinova with a lot of prerecorded disc that I 
have had to use more than once when a keyboard player didn't show up for a 
gig.  I have also supplied some convincing Dances music with it all by myself, a 
couple of times, thanks to that wonderful Japanese technology.  Why I can 
play Dick Hyman and Teddy Wilson, and Big Tiny Little note for note with it in an 
emergency.  Never stop the party, and never give the money back, it's too 
hard to book those gigs, pleasing the people in the audience is the easy part and 
getting hired back is the Key to success for any Band.


Tom Wiggins
Fearless Leader Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band (13 pieces, but can do a 
one man Dixieland Dance Band if the band doesn't show up)  :))

Honorable substitute player for the BOONDOGGELERS any instrument.
If you can't Dazzel em with Brilliance then Baffel em with Bullshit, but for 
heaven's sake don't ever tell em the band didn't show up, this is show 
business, and the Show must go on.   A Good Band Leader was no doubt once a Boy 
Scout, he must always BE PREPARED!

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