[Dixielandjazz] BASS SOLOS $ Grimaces

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Are sure that was N.O?

You're describing a guy I used to know over here in Holland!

Dick Sleeman, Lelystad, Holland.

<d.sleeman at hccnet.nl>

> Steve...
>      There used to be a bass player(?) here in New Orleans who had a band.
> The guy knew absolutely nothing about the instrument, in fact had no musical
> training whatsoever.  He was good at booking jobs...he really hustled.  He
> looked through the wedding notices and called and/or wrote to them.
>     The thing is, he did everything with the bass except play it.  He spun
> it around, laid it down and rode it like a horse, all the time slapping the
> strings.
>      What's truly amazing is people would come away saying, "He's the best
> bass player I ever heard in my life!"
>       Pat Cooke

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