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     There used to be a bass player(?) here in New Orleans who had a band.
The guy knew absolutely nothing about the instrument, in fact had no musical
training whatsoever.  He was good at booking jobs...he really hustled.  He
looked through the wedding notices and called and/or wrote to them.
    The thing is, he did everything with the bass except play it.  He spun
it around, laid it down and rode it like a horse, all the time slapping the
     What's truly amazing is people would come away saying, "He's the best
bass player I ever heard in my life!"
      Pat Cooke

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> Pat Cooke says nobody listens to Bass Solos.
> Hey Pat, Slap that mutha and grin like the Cheshire Cat. Everyone will
> listen and applaud, I guarantee it. ;-) VBG.
> More seriously, Ace Tesone, our bassist never solos, (his choice). The
> audience frequently yells out for him to do so, or chews me out for "not
> letting him solo". Go figure.
> Also there is a helicon/sousaphone player here in Philadelphia, Jim
> Parker, who spins around like a dancing bear when he solos. He also
> sings through the horn on the high notes in solos and scrunches up his
> face in doing so. VERY EFFECTIVE as a crowd pleaser. He is also a great
> player which helps.
> Yep, good moves help. There once was an old legend about a beauteous
> young lady who approached a  young jazz player at a party and said
> coarsely, "Steve, can you ---- (make love to) a woman like you ----
> (make love to) that horn?"
> All things come to he who grimaces.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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