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> Well put.  I was about to express the same thought.   I think a smile, or
> even an occasional laugh goes a lot farther.
>    Pat Cooke

Naw guys you missed the whole point, they make those faces because their 
leotards are too tight which can cause severe pain in some areas, especially when 
playing in a cheap hotel with no Ballroom. :)

Besides Pat, young Rockers don't have anything to smile about, they are all 
angry at the world, the only time you see one smile is if they are high.  Come 
to think about it the same could be said about many Jazzers too.

A smiling Bass Player speaks loudly that he is high and knows they are not 
going to give him a solo anyway so he just stands there smiling and being as 
high as he wants to be.:))

The really Good Bass players I know  have mastered the scowl, :)

Musical content:

"I get no Kick from Champagne,"


Tom Wiggins

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