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> Cardhu.
> Learned to drink Scotch instead of Bourbon early in my musical life because
> Bourbon was ruining my stomach. The wise and wonderful jazzers at Condon's
> joint taught me that Scotch was much kinder. (Dewars and/or J&B back then)
> Later on, as the quantity imbibed decreased, I discovered single malts.

Aha the truth comes out !

Imbibing less.....  No wonder the Jazz Bars have disappeared  not enough 
imbibers going out to pay for the music. :))

I still prefer Cognac, or a nice smooth Spanish Brandy, but did my Early 
Times, with Jack Daniels, & Jim Beam, even sniffed  Four Roses a time or two.

Scotch Whiskey still tastes like bad mouthwash to me,  guess I burned out my 
taster with Jack Daniels inthe Early Times. :))

Musical content:

"I won't go drinkin' with ya Jake, but I 'll go chasin Wimmin"


Rev. Tom-Bob  who only drinks now for Medicinal purposes when I am sick. :)

I am sick everyday now, and it usually cures what ails me for a while anyway, 
and since I have applied for a License to practice Medicine I like to 
practice every day now.

Looking for a cure for something, and when I find it I'll let ya'll know.

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