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> >So my question is: can CD's be burned at high speed? That would
> >enable them to be sold "immediatelty" after the concert.
> >
> Stand-alone CD duplicators are available that will duplicate at 24X to 52X 
> normal speed.  However, that doesn't put a label on your CD and you will 
> have to 
> make up inserts and CD labels ahead of time.  Single (1 to 1 duplicators) 
> run 
> about $200-400 on Ebay.
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Hey folks:

In my latest issue of Dixc Makers  Catalog, they are offering a Burner unit 
that will crank out 119 Cds per hour  for only $990.00

It is called the reflex Pro7, is a standalone, manual unit featuring an 80 GB 
hard drive,seven plextor drives, and Free lifetime support.

The DVD_+CD-R version is just $1,900.00

They even have an advanced  overnight replacement Service, 

They also have another system:

CD/DVD duplicator that also print right on the disc for as low as $2,990.00

is compatible to hook up to your PC or Mac.

Oh heck guys:

Just order their new catalog, everybody can go into the CD Business now, all 
you need is somebody who wants to buy your CDs  but that is a horse of a 
different color. :)   It's priced right for OKOMers too  FREE.  :)


Telephone: 1-800-468-9353
email:  info at discmakers.com


Tell them we sent you when you order something, I am a studio partner with 
them,and yep I'll get $50.00 from the real customers if they buy something and 
pay for it.  Which I donate to the Jazz For Kids Program.

Tom Wiggins
Rocky Road Records

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