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> Playboy Magazine got into the act as well, but on a few occasions came up
> with some "interesting" winners - this was a jazz poll remember- such as
> Henry Mancini for bandleader, 1964-66, Barbra Streisand, female vocalist,
> 1965-66 and my favourite, Peter, Paul and Mary in the vocal group category,
> 1964-66!
> It is less widely known that in 1930 the tabloid New York Daily Mirror began
> running a contest to poll its readers about which was the most popular radio
> orchestra. Enter Ozzie Nelson - 

And that was the beginning of the spiraling downfall and unpopularity of Jazz 
NO Doubt!

Now we must suffer the likes of Manhattan Transfer, Deodato, Arturo Sandoval 
and  my favorite Jazz song birds  Pia Zadora, and Cindy Lauper   :))

Jazz as Jazz Must be Dead.

The whole world now believes Rap is JAZZ..  All American Music is now 
considered Jazz so it will bolster the ticket sales at mass events.  Time for a Jazz 
Opera, and or the Symphony of Jazz, naw that's already been done.  Perhaps a 
Rap Symphony would help out the dwindling Classical market.

musical content"  "Will it go round in circles?"   ( Billy Preston,)

Quick somebody take a POLL.


Tom Wiggins

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