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Mon Jul 19 01:17:14 PDT 2004

I'll testify to the fact that it is indeed possible that one can freeze 
their assets off in a melbourne winter. Though being a Queenslander by birth 
I feel it more.

  I've been lurkiing round for a while now and just listening and learning, 
but its good to hear whats going on around here. Even living in melbourne I 
find I dont hear about many of these events until they're concluded.

  Hopefully in the near future, once I hit 18, I'll be able to make my way 
around to see all of whats going on :-). However I'd just thought I'd let 
you know that I'm still round.

Steve McCann

>From: "Brian Towers" <towers at allstream.net>
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>Subject: Re: [Dixielandjazz] jazz in Melbourne
>Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 13:48:04 -0400
>Just wanted you to know that I found your report on the Victoria Jazz scene
>in Oz to be very interesting and thanks for taking the trouble to write.
>Your mate Mick Potter will be in England while I am also visiting  England
>from Canada but unfortunately I shall miss seeing him at an Oxfordshire
>session (Judy Eames' neck of the woods) on August 6th as I have to attend a
>party elsewhere, thrown by my English daughters on that date.
>Can one really   "freeze off one's assets in a Melbourne winter"?
>Brian Towers,
>Steaming away in a sticky, humid Ontario summer and spraying myself with
>"OFF" against the "West Nile Virus bearing mosquitos" which are now with 
>http://hotfivejazz@tripod,com (band web sites)
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>Subject: [Dixielandjazz] jazz in Melbourne
> > Having been lurking a while after some time in Bali, Indonesia and at 
>Merimbula jazz festival in Southern New South Wales, I thought I'd better
>tell you about a few of the exciting events in OKOM in our part of OZ.  
>the Louisiana Shakers touring Europe and the Society Syncopators having 
>returned, we're about to unleash our own Mick Potter on an unsuspecting
>continent.  I sat with Father Mick at the 36th birthday celebration of the
>Victorian Jazz Club at the Collingwood Football last night and it was a
>noteworthy event.  We enjoyed 2 great bands, the Simon Stribling Reunion
>Band and David Ward's Waterfront Cafe Band, which reunited Ian Walkear and
>Derek Reynolds, formerly of NMJB.  Simon, (CNT), who's visiting his old 
>town, had his Canadian wife, Laurie Lister on Drums, Ian Smith singing and
>playing every thing he could get his hands on and the likes of such great
>musos as Graham Coyle (PNO), Peter Baylor (GTR), Joe Stevenson (REEDS) and
>Chris Ludowyk on string bass and trombone.  Many great musos sat in with
>both bands and it was a memorable evening.  I can't believe I was one of 
>volunteers who helped start the club all those years ago.  I was the
>original doorman & bouncer in those days.  These days, I set up the sound
>and occasionally MC.  We've seen tough times, but we're still going.  You
>can check us out on the web at www.victorianjazzclub.com
> > On Sunday, 1st Aug. we have our annual Louis night at the Bentleigh 
>featuring Mike Hallam from Sydney with our own John Hawes, Steve Waddell,
>John Scurry, John Adams, Dave Hetherington and Leon Heale.  Next Sat. 24th
>Jul. at the Air Forces Club, we have the Society Syncopators fresh back 
>Europe.  If you're in our neck of the woods, drop me a line and I'll be
>pleased to point you in the right direction. (or even take you there)
> > Best regards,
> > Sam Meerkin (freezing his assets off in our Melbourne winter)
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