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Sun Jul 18 22:23:12 PDT 2004

Hi folks:

This just in from Listmate  Colin Toomer in New Zealand.


Tom Wiggins


p -- piano --the neighbors have complained

f -- forte -- the neighbors are out

ff -- fortissimo -- forget the neighbors

pp -- pianissimo -- the neighbors and the police are at the door

Obbligato -- being forced to practice

Rit/Rall -- coming to the part you haven't practiced

Con Moto -- yeah, I have a car

Allegro -- It's a little car

Metronome -- short, urban musician who can fit into a Honda Civic

Lento -- the days leading up to Easto

Largo -- beer brewed in the Florida Keys

Piu Animato -- clean out the cat's little box or it goes

Chords -- things organists play with one finger

Dischords -- things that organists play with two fingers

Suspended Chords -- things to lynch the vocalist

Subdominate -- "I can't play unless I've asked my wife."

Snycopation -- condition brought on by an overdose of jazz

Quaver -- the feeling brought on when you haven't practiced

Key Signatures -- silly things put in music to frighten you
(ignore and they will go away -- along with your audience)

Colla Voce -- this shirt is so tight I can't sing

Flats -- English apartments

A tempo de cafe -- Ah, coffee time!

Improvisation -- what you do when the music falls down

Fugue -- clever stuff

Prelude -- warm--up before the clever stuff

Acciaccatura/appoggiatura -- insects

Virtuoso -- a person who can work wonders with easy-play music

Melody -- an ancient now-extinct art in songwriting 

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