[Dixielandjazz] Amusing Promo translations

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Fri Jul 16 20:54:43 PDT 2004

Hi Folks,  here is an interesting press release translated from Italina to 
English for a local Bay Area Italian Festival.   Enjoy the inherent translation 
problems of modern technology.


Tom Wiggins
------------ The Blow Kings Newswire for July 2004 -------------

The following is an announcement for the upcoming Blow Kings performance 
at Festa Italiana di San Mateo, a fundraiser for developmentally 
disabled people in the Bay Area. The original announcement has been 
translated back into English from Italian using the AltaVista Babel Fish 

We invite to come to see them the King of the Blow to the Italian 
Festivity of Saint Mateo! This series of events benefits the residents 
of the Zone of the Bay with the incapacities inherent to the 
development. The final phase begins on the morning of Sunday, the 25 
July and includes exquisite the Italian cuisine, beyond 200 handicraft, 
the automobiles classics, the musical actions, one competition of the 
sphere of bocce, and one gallery of spectacular art of the chalk. And 
naturally, the King of the Blow will be here, supplying one amusing 
mixture of moving music and tried humor, beginning to the noon. All this 
and more can be found in Saint Mateo on the Way of B between the Second 
one and on Tilton. All cold people will be here!

Linguistically yours,
The Blow Kings

Festa Italiana di San Mateo
B Street between Second and Tilton Avenues
San Mateo, California
Sunday, July 25, 12:00pm-1:00pm

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