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Patrick Cooke patcooke at cox.net
Thu Jul 15 09:21:42 PDT 2004

This may not be the worst experience, but it certainly was the dumbest!

Some years ago, I was working in a club in Miami with a 6 piece group. There
was a fair sized dance floor.  There also was a duo (Accordion & guitar),
that played during our breaks.......One night the biz agent comes in
(definitely not a brain surgeon!) while the duo was playing, and a few
couples were dancing.
     So the biz agent tells the duo to stop playing because the rules state
there must be 4 pieces if there is dancing.
The club owner says, "What?!! the other band has 6 pieces, that should make
up the difference."  Nope, the biz agent says there must be 4 in the band
any time there is dancing.
       So the club owner fires the duo, and people danced to the juke box
during the breaks.  We were just glad he didn't fire us all.
        Pat Cooke

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To all listmates..........

The lack of email from this august body indicates to me that we don't have
any interesting topics to discuss. Perhaps this might be...............

Let me open the door very wide ! How about your worst experience with the
Musicians Union ! Could you have avoided the problem ?
On the flip side, when the Union helped you out. Please be candid, not
general, and remember many of us ARE Union members. Flaming not allowed.

Dave Hanson
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