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Worst: I worked at Opryland in Nashville a couple of summers with a trad jazz band from Indiana University. We drove to Nashville excited about the opportunity and were immediately called in to the entertainment office to hear about all the money we were about to be privledged to fork over before we'd even started the job. It wasn't so much the fact that we had to join and pay the dues, it was how it was presented to us.  A bit like a shakedown. Not professional.

Best: I got stiffed by a leader when I was working in St. Louis. I called Goose Gosland with the St. Louis union and he tracked the guy all the way to New York and got me paid. Also, trust fund jobs while in St. Louis. Those paid pretty good (for the time) and were fun.

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   >  Let me open the door very wide ! How about your worst experience with the Musicians Union ! Could you have avoided the problem ?
   >  On the flip side, when the Union helped you out. Please be candid, not general, and remember many of us ARE Union members. Flaming not allowed.
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