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> It is always good to have liability insurance as an individual, as a
> band, as a club owner, etc.

A club which we have played at for the last 4 years has informed me that they 
are cancelling all music (including DJ's) because their annual liability 
insurance increased by $15000 and that DIDN'T INCLUDE live performance!!  After 
searching for a different insurance company, they refused to even issue a new 
policy which included live music to which people could dance.  

I asked the owner about how he learned of this change in policy.  He said it 
was merely a terse notation on his renewal contract...no advance notice or 
anything.  He had to have his attorney search out a new insurance carrier, who 
conceded to place the NO MUSIC coverage. 

The writing on the wall is painful.  Last year, a the Fingerlakes Dixieland 
Jazz Festival here in NY state was cancelled because of extremely high 
liability insurance for the one-day event.  Other club owners will also only find out 
their mode of business is changing when their policies run out.  I'm not sure 
if this is another reflection of 9-11 damage or just exploitation by the 
insurance companies of that event.  In NY State, worker's liability Insurance rates 
have also gone through the roof because their is no longer any provision for 
worker complicity or blame.  This is forcing many small building contractors 
out of the business.

I would recommend any band that has a regular gig ask the club manager about 
the future of music at that club.  Will their liability policy also be 
recinded when the new insurance policy renewal is implemented??  Feedback from DJML 
listmates on what is learned would be greatly appreciated. 

Roy (Bud) Taylor
Smugtown Stompers
Traditional Jazz since 1958
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