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> MARKETING 201 There is always more than one way to skin a fan. Oops, I
> mean Cat. ;-)
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

Yep and I learned a new one Saturday night:

I posted about doing a Live Gospel recording in a church:

Well, the recording was being done by an independent artist at their own 

The church belongs to her brother and her family so they pay the rent to 
themselves if any was paid along with any other building related use expenses.

They got everyone in attendance right with the Lord, all worked up and 
praising, etc., with a couple of opening acts, As I said before they were "HAVING 
CHURCH" which they always try to do even in public performances in the so called 
SECULAR world as they like to refer to all the folks who are not into the 
CHURCH as they see it.

The opening acts were delighted to be a part of the ceremonies, and 
especially to get a chance to be recorded live in front of five hundred people with 
real professional equipment.

Now the featured act doing the recording comes on and performs five songs 
which are recorded, takes a break to go back stage and change clothes for the 
second half, for video purposes.

Out comes the Bishop for the "MINISTRY OF GIVING" say what???

He goes on about the old It is better to give than to receive bit, these 
recordings costs lots of money, we need to support God's artists, etc., now at 
this point I am expecting him to start taking orders for the forth coming CDs or 
pass out order forms for the CDs videos, DVDs or whatever.

Nope he stands there and tells the audience that you folks know you can't out 
give God, now I want all of you who can to reach deep in your pockets and put 
$100.00 in this collection basket for this wonderful anointed singer, we need 
to raise $7,000.00 to pay the costs for this CD recording tonight.  Now if 
you don't have $100.00 then give $50.00, and if you can't give Fifty then Give 
$20.00, you are financially in trouble give whatever you have in your pocket 
and don't worry about it God will give it back ten fold.  If there is anyone 
here tonight who needs a financial miracle stand up and we will pray for your 

Now first of all I know it did not cost $7,000.00 to do that recording, as I 
have done many of them before.  I was backstage when they counted the money 
and saw at least $5,000.00 pile up before I went back out and heard the bishop 
taking up another collection for the use of the church and the utilities,  
oops!  Now this time he was asking everybody in the room to put in just another 
two dollars a person.

I would not call that skinning the cat, but Fleecing the Flock.

Then after the program was all over he came back and announced that the CDs & 
DVDs and videos would be available for purchase at the CD RELEASE CELEBRATION 
Concert that they were planning in two months.

Praise the Lord form whom all Blessing flow.

And Yes I gave em a SawBuck,  I was a VIP sitting in the front row with a 
bunch of Bishops, Apostles, Pastors, Evangelist , Deacons, and celebrity Gospel 
Singers, and had been introduced to the audience as the manager of the Recorded 
Artist.   I was also one of four White folks in the building, so of course I 
was not going to be a schmuck and not contribute, besides it is tax deductible 
and I will get it back from bookings on the act anyway.   It pays to rotate 
some of the money and Take a little leave a little.

Besides the entertainment value of the evening was worth far more than that, 
I took one of my neighbors along with me and he is still talking about what a 
wonderful experience he had, he had his sawbuck out before I did, and wants me 
to be sure and invite him to the release party so he can buy the CD.  


Rev. Tom -Bob, Wiggins, newly appointed Apostle, Deacon, Bishop Ministry of 
Booking Director or whatever title they gave me as I left.

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